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Mobile Home Furnace Replacement

What's included with Mobile Home Furnace (Downflow Unit) Replacement?

  • The unit( Inside unit)
  • Disconnecting and removing the existing inside unit
  • Installation of the Mobile Home electric heat furnace
  • installation of the coil bracket.
  • Installations of the evaporator coil and cabinet extension.
  • Low voltage and high voltage conection.
  • Drain conection.
  • Testing new system for proper operation.
  • Instructions on proper use.

Mobile Home Electric Heat Furnace (Downflow)

- Guardian® Electric Furnace

-Coleman®  Electric Furnace

EB Series electric furnaces feature a zero clearance feature, allowing the furnace to be installed where space is at a premium. They also feature a built-in coil cabinet for ease of installation and efficient operating performance, as well as a multi-speed blower, capable of handling cooling and heat pump loads.


Modern design saves energy.

  • Cut fuel costs compared to old models.
  • Efficient design for a home without gas or oil.


Get the assurance of built-in diagnostics.

  • Employs long lasting nickel/chrome heat elements.
  • Feel extra safe with no open flame.
  • Enclosed in compact, durable cabinet.


  • 1 year labor warranty with Ti Solutions
  • 2-year parts limited warranty 
  • 5 year evaporator coil limited warranty 

Does not include replacement of the outside unit (Condenser), Thermostact, ductworks, refrigerant and  refrigerant pipes.

Additional works may result in an updated of final price


Ti Solutions 

Central AIR & Heating

(956) 343-7712

Financing Available 

18 months without interest

Mobile Home Furnace Replacement

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