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Electrostatic & Washable Permanent  Air Filter - Installed-

Electrostatic air cleaners  are highly efficient filtration devices that use electrostatic attraction to remove fine particulate matter such as dust and cigarette smoke from the air. Electrostatic air cleaners ionize (or electrically charge) particles as incoming air is drawn over an electronic cell. The charged particles are then attracted to and trapped by a series of flat collector plates that are oppositely charged, with the particles literally “sticking” to the collection plates until they are manually removed.

Benefits of the air filter

  • Traps 95% of airborne dust and allergens
  • Permanent & Washable - Just hose off and reinstall
  • Replaces disposable furnace filters
  • Self-charging electrostatic filter media - does not require electricity


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Electrostatic & Washable Permanent Air Filter - Installed-

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