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American Standard Central Air Conditioning System Replacement

What is included with the Central Air Conditioner Replacement?

  • The units
  • Disconnecting and removing existing inside and outdoor units
  • Chemical flushing of refrigerant pipes
  • Installations of the outside unit
  • Installations of the inside unit
  • Installations of the electric heater
  • Testing new system for proper operation
  • Instructions on proper use

American Standard 4A7A4060L1000A -14 SEER, R410A, Condenser Unit, 208-230/1/60

  • SEER up to 16.0 (depending on matchup)
  • Duration™ compressor
  • Single stage
  • Comfort-R™ mode approved
  • DuraBase™ base, fast complete drain, weatherproof
  • Easy-Sess™ cabinet, service access & refrigerant connections with full coil protection
  • Spine Fin™ coil
  • Factory supplied charge R-410A
  • Glossy corrosion resistant finish
  • High pressure switch
  • Low pressure switch
  • Internal high / low pressure & temperature protection
  • Liquid line filter drier - factory installed or factory supplied for field install
  • Spinnaker gray cabinet
  • Extended warranties available

Air handler

  • Painted metal cabinet with captured foil face insulation
  • 2% or less air leakage
  • PCS Motor
  • R-4.2 Insulating Value
  • Multi-Position UP/Down Flow, Horizontal Left /Right
  • ALL Aluminum Coil with Enhanced Patented Coil Fin
  • Available Electric Heaters with polarized plug connections
  • R-410A Thermal Expansion Valve
  • Low Voltage Pigtail Connections
  • Draw Through Design
  • Horizontal Drain Pan
  • Single Color
  • Fused 24V Power


1 year labor warranty with Ti Solutions

10-years registered limited warranty on compressor, outdoor coil & all other functional parts (Residential Use)

Does not include replacement of Air duct, vents, returns, refrigerant pipes, high and low voltage wires

Additional works may result in an updated final price.


Ti Solutions

Financing Available

(956) 343-7712

American Standard Central Air Conditioning System Replacement

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