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Ducane Air Handler Replacement

What is included with the air handler replacement?

  • The inside unit
  • Disconnecting and removing existing inside unit
  • Installation of the Air Handler
  • Installations of the electric heater
  • Testing new system for proper operation
  • Instructions on proper use

Ducane Air Handler

Energy-efficient coMfort, right when you neeD it. Ducane™ air handlers make it easy to feel energy smart and comfortable. Rugged and reliable, they work with your air conditioner or heat pump to deliver high levels of efficiency and temperature control. So you can relax knowing you’re using energy wisely.

  • Constant torque motor delivers consistent airflow for steadier temperatures and increased energy efficiency
  • Sealed cabinet is constructed for less than 2% air leakage to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Optional electric heating kits available to warm the air before it circulates throughout your home


1 year labor warranty with Ti Solutions

5-year limited warranty

Does not include replacement of Air duct, vents, returns, refrigerant pipes, high and low voltage wires and outside unit.

  • Additional works may result in an updated final price


Ti Solutions

Financing Available

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Ducane Air Handler Replacement

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